The success of Plants vs Zombie

I’ve played many games over years but usually I preferred action, first person shooters (FPS) and online multiplayer games. My favorite game over the years it’s Starcraft but i never thought I will like...


Cosmo Jet

Fly into the space but take care, your life is in danger. Collect all the pieces from the puzzle and avoid obstacles


3d Truck Racer

You have the power. Crash the car at the right moment. Get invulnerably, super weapons and race on the highway. Let nobody escape and try to reach as far as you can in order...


Traffic Command 2

Be a good policeman and take care of the traffic in this dangerous city. Change the traffic lights at the right moment in order to avoid car crashes. Make sure you do this in...


Traffic Command 3

Keep the flow of traffic moving, switching traffic lights and stopping cars from crashing into trains and each other. The town now has a railroad and traffic is worse than ever. Your expert help...


Traffic Command

You are working as a police officer and you have to restore order in the city. Command the traffic lights using the mouse or pressing the number keys on your keyboard to allow the...


Car Color Collector

Use your skills to collect all the boxes before the times runs out! Try to divert the cars in the correct direction using the traffic signs in order to collect all the color boxes....


Be Bad

You really have a bad day. Everything is wrong, you are angry and you feel like you should punish everyone. Do it!


3D Racer 2

Drive like a madman on the highway. Shoot from your car, use NUKE weapon or activate Rage mode to crash all your opponents. Your speed reaches maximum and you became the top driver.