Game Development

Start Game produced its first game in 2006,  MadPac (as a tribute to the great game called PacMan*).  The game was sponsored and released by encouraging the future activity.
* PacMan is an arcade game developed by Namco and licensed for distribution in the United States in 1980

Our funny character MadPac, always running for food, trying to get rid of the bad ghosts appeared finally a trilogy which had a great success of that time. A total of over 15 000 websites added the free game to their websites summarizing more then 20 millions of plays.  Adrian Toma, the only the developer, a passionate hobbyist and a Player Forever continued to work always looking to make a better game until today

madpac - game development by

What now?

The start was a happy one but not hard to exceed. We released over 50 original flash games for over 15 well known gaming portals from all over the word. The team has now a bigger support team, the games are better and better and this is why we have more clients asking for new games.

Quality Games

How can i say that a game is good? That is quite an easy question. If the game gets spread very well it means that the game is good. We have 3rd party tools to measure a lot of parameters but the most important ones you would like to know are
– game plays

– ad clicks
How many peoples were playing the game you sponsored ? Hundreds ? Thousands ? Think Millions !

Our top games were having up to  400 000 plays in only one day and were distributed to over 10 000 websites and had a total of over 30 millions of plays since release

So games are a great source of visitors!


Here are a few game titles we released

Alien UFO
Be Bad
Car in Air
Christmas tree
Frog in City
Happy Easter
Hat Skater
Mafia Driver 1
Mafia Driver 2
Mafia Driver 3
Mad Pac 1
Mad Pac 2
Mad Pac 3
Magic Arrow
Mouse in Danger 1
Mouse in Danger 2
Park my Ride
Play nice
Road Master
Red Space
Rock Furry
Space Fly
Street Shooter
Sub Attack
The Good Ghost
Toy Car
Winter POP